Friday, December 1, 2017

Sarasota Food Blog - SRQ Chew - The Best Of - Year in Review

It has been another fantastic year of eating, drinking and meeting people who make the Sarasota food scene the best in Florida. Here is my list of the best local Sarasota restaurants, microbreweries and coffee houses I visited this year along with their websites and social media links. 

Buttermilk Handcrafted Food is truly a modern place for bringing people together and should be shared with friends. When one pairs fresh local ingredients and homemade recipes with exceptional coffee and tea it is a meaningful experience and the intention of Buttermilk. More bacon jam please! 

Baker & Wife is a spot-on place to go for a delicious, casual and fresh experience. You will not be disappointed with the diverse menu offerings and cheerful atmosphere. Be sure to check the times they are open before you go.

Located in Siesta Key, Lelu Coffee Lounge is a really groovy spot to hangout. Their coffee, food, drinks and music never disappoint.

'62 Bistrot is quaint, authentic, and perfectly Parisian. A lovely French bistrot offering seasonal French classics that Chef Alex and his wife, Vanessa grew up enjoying in France. 

If you're in the mood for some British comfort food and a proper cupa tea, you need to visit 4 & 20 Pasty Company. Brits, Richard and Barbara offer a variety of hand held pies to suit every taste whether it's sweet or savory. Everything they offer is made with the freshest ingredients and a lot of love. 

With its stellar craft beer, friendly and laid back vibe, Calusa Brewing is top on my list for some pints     with friends. Calusa's beers are fierce, intelligent and rich in Florida's natural resources.

Funky Fusion is a Filipino-American inspired food truck. Owners, Jackie and Jenna's love for people and for Filipino culture makes me so happy and will make you happy too. Filipino comfort food at its best in Sarasota.

Living in Memphis, Tennessee for sixteen years, I get a craving for good BBQ and ribs once in a while. Nancy's BBQ definitely is the place to satisfy my craving. 

I also visited two incredible places that need to be mentioned but I did not have my camera with me at the time. The first place is Indigenous. Indigenous is a beautiful seasonal inspired restaurant. It is evident from the menu offerings created by Chef Steve Phelps that he believes in carefully sourced local and sustainable ingredients. When someone asks me what my favorite place is for dinner in Sarasota I always say Indigenous. Honestly it is one of my top five meals I have had anywhere, including Paris, London and Montreal. I look forward to featuring Indigenous on SRQ Chew in the coming year. It is really really a special place.

The second noteworthy place is Five-O Donut Co. People who know me know that I love donuts and good coffee. Their yeast raised, gourmet, small batch donuts are "arrestingly good" and the coffee  is excellent. They also take care of the vegan and gluten free peeps. Cronut holes anyone?

Thanks to everyone who follows my Sarasota food blog, SRQ Chew. Cheers to 2018! Happy eating and drinking local.


Copyright 2017 Kyra Barger. All Rights Reserved.

Photos by Kyra Barger of Faso Photography


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