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There is always a cool vibe going on at Calusa Brewing in lovely Sarasota, Florida. Outside, there may be a food truck, some corn hole and Jenga and of course there is always stellar beer on tap inside the stylish microbrewery. With its friendly and laid back atmosphere, Calusa is one of my favorite places to hang out with my family and friends. Their beers are fierce, intelligent and rich in Florida's natural resources.

My first time at Calusa I tried their ever so popular Citra IPA named Citronious. I love the name and its big and beautiful aroma and flavor. Calusa's Citronious is the perfect local beer for Florida. It is easy to drink, goes well with whatever you're eating and it pairs really well with dark chocolate.

On my most recent visit I ordered a flight of beers and tasted Calusa's Citronious BIG, their double IPA. I suspected I would love the more intense hoppy flavor and I did. If you're a fan of the Citronious like me you must go BIG sometime. So so good! 

The second beer in my flight was Calusa's Wildest Dreams, a wine barrel aged golden sour. With its clean lemon notes and sour and bright finish, it is definitely a beer you will remember. I love a good pucker and Calusa's Wildest Dreams aged sour was spot on in the pucker department.  

I also tasted Calusa's Devil's Weave, which is a Belgian-style ale. The ale was fruity, hoppy and complex. What more could you ask for in an ale? Calusa's Dulcet with Mint was on my friend's flight and I could not resist a sip. Girl Scout Thin Mint cookies came to mind when I sipped the milk stout.  Think vanilla, cocoa nibs and mint. 

I finished my flight with Calusa's Dissonance Breakfast Brown (pictured above). The coffee and cinnamon brown ale is the perfect way to finish a beer flight, a meal and dessert. Calusa's Dissonance has just the right balance of brown ale, local cold-brew coffee from one of my favorites, Black Gold Coffee Roasters (Dec. 2015 featured post) and cinnamon. It is not too sweet so the quality of the ale and coffee shines through.  

Check out Calusa's tasting room, what's on tap, their food truck schedule and happenings. This is a Sarasota gem.

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