Friday, July 7, 2017

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I visited The Rosemary restaurant, which anchors the Sarasota district of the same name a few weeks ago for Savor Sarasota Restaurant week. Savor Sarasota is the time of year when the city gets even lovelier because you can enjoy multi course meals from our award-winning eateries for just $16 per person for lunch and $32 per person for dinner. Most restaurants participating extend their Savor Sarasota menus through August and September, which is a very groovy thing to do for us residents. Click here for participating restaurants.

Chef Scott Harrison of The Rosemary provided an exceptional menu for Savor Sarasota. For my first course I ordered the soup of the day which was asparagus and fennel soup. The soup was delicate, seasoned well and the fennel was just right with the fresh asparagus. Other options for the first course included Bermuda Fish Chowder, Caesar Salad and a House Salad. 

For the second course my friend ordered the Quiche Lorraine and Rosemary fries (pictured below). The presentation was stunning with fresh herbs and edible flowers. The flaky crust of the quiche was perfection and the fries were crispy and hot. 

I ordered the Lakeway brisket tacos for my second course (pictured below). The house-smoked brisket was tender and flavorful with a little sweetness. The pepper jack cheese gooey goodness made it even better. The brisket taco was served with blue cheese slaw and home-made habanero sauce that complimented the brisket with some heat. I love heat. There were many incredible second course offerings to choose from.

And for dessert I ordered the flourless chocolate mousse cake. The cake to me was spot on. The texture was smooth (no nuts which I very much appreciate). The chocolate was dark with just the right amount of sweetness so I could appreciate the rich chocolate. Devine. One of the best flourless chocolate cakes I have ever had.

Vanilla ice cream and fresh berries with Melba sauce (pureed raspberries thickened with powdered sugar) was also tasted and was delightful and beautiful. Apple pie, Key Lime pie and Tiramisu were also available for the dessert course.

Thank you, Chef Scott Harrison, Owner George Armstrong and staff for your hospitality and for giving us foodies yet another reason to savor Sarasota.

The Rosemary / Facebook

411 N Orange Ave.
Sarasota, FL 34236
941. 955. 7600

8 am - 9 pm Every Day


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Photos by Kyra Barger of Faso Photography

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