Friday, May 5, 2017

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Baker & Wife. Baker & Wife? The very name of the Sarasota restaurant is a curious thing that piqued my interest. I knew Baker & Wife was my kind of place when I saw on their diverse menu offerings like charred octopus with poblano pepper sauce, blistered heirloom tomatoes and sautéed spinach with charred orange. Other offerings that caught my eye were the vast array of brick oven artisanal pizzas, a meatball topped with fresh mozzarella over spaghetti squash AND on their dessert menu.....wait for it...... homemade bacon ice cream.... I love you, Baker & Wife.

My friend and I were in the mood for brunch. That's easy to come by at the cafe. We started our meal with the soup of the day, butternut squash (pictured above). It was velvety and smooth, naturally sweet and so delicious. The soup paired well with their homemade focaccia bread seasoned with fresh herbs and garlic (also pictured above). I also tasted the smashed avocado blended with tahini and topped with a perfectly poached egg over toast.... so yummy. My friend ordered the slow roasted yellow beet salad with goat cheese, basil pesto, pine nuts and shaved parmesan cheese. The different textures of the beets, goat cheese and pine nuts were lovely together (both dishes pictured below).

A few days later I found myself needing more. So I went back the following week and tasted the roasted cauliflower & tomato salad with arugula, capers, parmesan, dijon, oregano, dill dressing (pictured below). One of the best salads ever. It is the kind of salad that makes you want to become a vegetarian.

And for dessert.... The Baker's Banoffee Pie (pictured below) is a pecan and graham cracker crust, house-made banana & vanilla bean pudding, chocolate chips and caramel cream. Also pictured is their House-made Salted Caramel Cheesecake. Stop it already, Baker & Wife. Please stop.

The presentation of the dishes is stellar as well as the service. The interior of Baker & Wife is delightful just like the staff. The brick oven is a nice focal point of the cafe. The decor of lights and frames hanging overhead and the matching white frames on the black walls is unique and bold like Baker & Wife's food. 

Baker & Wife in Sarasota on 41 and Siesta Drive is a spot on place to go for a delicious, casual, fresh, hand crafted experience.

Baker & Wife / Facebook

2157 Siesta Drive
Sarasota, Fl
(941) 960-1765

Brunch: Tue - Sat 11:30a -2:30p
Dinner:  Tue - Sat 5p - 9p


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