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Sarasota Food Blog - SRQ Chew - '62 Bistrot

Quaint, authentic, and Parisian - it is evident when one walks into '62 Bistrot that this is what's in store. After vacationing in Sarasota, Owner/Chef Alex Caira and his wife Vanessa fell in love with the foodie city on the sea and made it their home. Originally from Bergerac, France, they lived in Paris for many years before moving to Sarasota. Upon arrival, Alex and Vanessa decided to take over '62 Bistrot. Located in Sarasota's Southside village on Hillview Street, the French bistrot is a lovely spot offering seasonal French classics that Chef Alex and Vanessa grew up enjoying in France.

Dishes like Crepe Suzette deserve an audience when prepared in the traditional way at '62 Bistrot. Chef Alex swirls the light crepe batter in a pan until it is perfectly cooked then gives it a flip. The crepe is then slathered with fresh orange marmalade and if that is not enough, it is doused in Grand Marnier and flambĂ©ed. The best crepe I have ever had in France or the U.S.

In the region where Alex and Vanessa are from, it is all about the duck and the wine. Chef Alex prepared for me duck breast in cognac and black pepper sauce. Incredible. Pair it with one of their wines from an ALL French wine menu and you will feel like you are dining in France.

The escargots is a must try and the Soupe du Jour is always spot on with one of Chef Alex's baguette sandwiches like the salmon and brea with a tomato salad.

On Thursdays Chef Alex prepares Canneles from scratch, a dessert that is unique to Bordeaux, not too far from his home of Bergerac. Pictured below are the Canneles de Bordeaux, my new favorite dessert. For Parisians fine dining is often about simple ingredients but with simple ingredients there is a greater need for perfection in the process. When it comes to food, no one does it like the French and Chef Alex has brought a big slice of it to the Sarasota food scene.

Merci to Alex and Vanessa for sharing their love of French cuisine with Sarasota and their joie de vivre that makes '62 Bistrot so special.

1962 Hillview St.
Sarasota, Fl.
(941) 954 -1011

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Photos by Kyra Barger of Faso Photography

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