Sunday, July 10, 2016

Sarasota Food Blog - SRQ Chew - Barton G. Miami

I occasionally take side trips to food destinations and write about my findings on my Sarasota food blog--SRQ Chew. I recently visited South Beach, Miami and its signature, over the top restaurant, Barton G. Neither the food nor the presentation disappointed as you can see from my images. For the appetizer my husband and I shared the lobster pop-tarts which are served in a retro toaster. The pop-tarts are baked in flakey phyllo with a tabasco hollandaise & tarragon aioli. Also pictured is the Laughing Bird Popcorn Shrimp with sweet & spicy chili sauce and popcorn.

For the main course, my husband ordered the Bird's Eye View complete with bobbing metal bird. The skin was crispy and the chicken was cooked perfectly. It was served with bacon braised chard, charcoal potatoes, sweet carrot jus. The savory blackberry compote on top was a nice complement to the bacon chard.

As for me, I had the very "green" Barton's Garden. The garden was made up of beautiful flowering herbs, picked vegetables and edible mushroom soil served with toasted porcini crust flatbread, oven dried tomatoes with balsamic and basil. So simple and perfect. A vegetarian's delight.

We sat in the back of the courtyard so we could see all the plates coming out. Our spot was also billed as the "most romantic" and who am I to argue. Plates passed with huge sunflowers, flower pots and birds on them. Pictured below is Marie Antoinette's Head. Cotton candy makes up the wig and the head is surrounded by strawberry shortcake and fresh berries.

Barton G. Miami. So fun and worth the drive to South Beach.

Barton G. Miami

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Photos by Kyra Barger of Faso Photography

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