Thursday, April 7, 2016

Sarasota Food Blog - SRQ Chew - Peperonata Pasta and Empanadas

"I love feeding people. Food makes people happy. Making and eating food is part of my culture, a way to connect with people and loved ones." says Stefania Fochis of Peperonata Pasta. When talking with Stefania, one cannot help but smile and want to eat Stefania's and her family's fresh and beautiful offerings. Stefania and her family are Italian immigrants from Buenos Aires, Argentina. She has grown up  making fresh pasta with her parents. In 2007 Stefania went to culinary school and with her entrepreneurial spirit from her parents, started creating and experimenting with fillings for empanadas. She started with eight fillings and now has almost thirty different fillings for the empanadas. She says, she is still perfecting all the recipes. I am not sure how you can improve perfection but Stefania is determined. 

The empanadas cater to all tastes and palates by carrying a variety of different flavors. From Mediterranean lamb (my favorite), cheese & onion to Margherita pizza. I have tasted most of them and all are unique and incredible. The dough is made from scratch every week and so are the fillings. Peperonata Pasta makes three thousand empanadas a week and always sell out. Stefania and her family have a passion for providing everyone with food they enjoy. She tells me, "I love when kids at the Farmers' Market tell me they have waited all week for their favorite empanada."Stefania goes on to say, "My family's goal is to make good, fresh food... REAL FOOD! Quality ingredients is key. We let the food speak through the ingredients."

Peperonata Pasta's emapanadas and pasta can be found at Peperonata Pasta retail store, Downtown Farmers' Market and Detwiler's Farm Markets.

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